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Game system
Silkeborg Open 2025

All teams are divided into 3 groups with 8-10 teams in each group. The first 3 rounds are played in the groups according to ranking.

No team will play each other more than once during the first rounds Friday and Saturday. This rule does not apply on Sunday.​

All games (with the exception of closed finals 1 - 2) incl. final round is played on time. After 75 minutes a signal sounds and the end is completed + 1 end.

In the closed final, 8 ends are played with an extra end in case of a tie. The team with the last stone in the extra end is declared the loser if they do not score in the extra end.

The rankings are as follows:

1: Points

2: Ends

3: Rocks

4: Ends against

5: Rocks against

6: Draw-to-tee

Walk-over gives 2 points, 6 ends and 6 stones.

We request all teams to finish their matches! Thanks

After the 3rd round, the 4th round is played according to total ranking.

The top 10 then play in the final round.

The 2 best placed teams play a closed final.

The other 8 teams play against each other according to ranking, and fights for positions 3 - 10.

There are prizes for all teams in the final round.

All questions can be addressed to

NOTE: Silkeborg Open 2025 is played incidentally by WCF rules. Except the brush rule.

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