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Silkeborg Curling Club was founded in 2007 in connection with the opening of the Silkeborg Sports Center, where for the first time Silkeborg could offer interested people to grow winter sports such as ice hockey, ice skating, speed skating and not least curling indoors.


This opportunity was seized by a small group of passionate curling players: Marianne & Henning Broman and Naja Zethsen & Bo Kleimann Nielsen, who, in collaboration with the Danish Curling Association and several of the other Danish curling clubs, created the framework for establishing a curling club in Silkeborg.

Since then, the club has experienced a fine approach of new members, and the club's junior work culminated in the 2015/2016 season with a Danish championship and subsequent silver medals at the Junior B-World Championships in Finland.


It is therefore a young but successful curling club, which hopes to continue to develop with the addition of new members to our wonderful sport. A sport that can be cultivated across genders and age limits (from 10 to 80 years), on exercise and elite levels, and which to that extent appeals to unity.


We look forward to welcoming you to a rehearsal evening.


Silkeborg Curling Club

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