The world's most fun game on ice!


At a Curl'n'Fun event, you can try out an Olympic winter sport with your friends and family, known from television, the World Cup and the Olympics. If you are missing out on a fun, challenging and different sport - try playing curling - the world's most fun game on ice!


We'll make sure that you will get some fun and entertaining hours on the ice, of course combined with a knowledgeable guide on the game, basic exercises and tactics.

Combines physical-
and mental skills

Curling is a fun and challenging game that combines physical and mental skills.

It is one of the few sports where all ages, genders and abilities can play together and against each other. Get together with your friends, family or colleagues or other acquaintances.
Put together teams before the event

Two teams take turns delivering rocks down the ice to get closer to the center of the target or the 'house' than their opponents.

Each team consists of four players called the first, second, vice skipper and skipper, each delivering two stones in that order. The captains are team captains and decide which shots their team should play.

It is recommended to put together teams before the start of the event as it saves time.

We are ready!

There is one instructor associated with each course and we take good care of you. We are ready to introduce you to the many facets of the game.

We guarantee that you will have a good experience, with our experienced, dedicated and trained coaches.

Rent equipment from us

We have all the equipment you need to try curling. There are some things you need to bring yourself, but all other equipment, including stones, brooms and slides borrow from us. We also have equipment for people with mobility problems.

Have a look at the guidelines

Curling is a game of skills and traditions that maintain the highest standards of sportsmanship. Curling players play to win, and never to humiliate their opponents. Curling has always been dependent on the players' sense, reason, honesty and good manners and a sporting approach to the game.

The course of the event
  1. Heating and safety

  2. Traffic on the ice

  3. Introduction to stone delivery

  4. Introduction to sweeping

  5. Brief introduction to tactics and rules

  6. Curling match


You must all wear warm, comfortable and loose-fitting clothing so that you can move around - for example. a workout suit or pants and a sweatshirt. Solid pants like cowboy pants are not suitable. It may be a good idea to bring thin gloves. In addition, bring a pair of clean and flat shoes with rubber soles.

8 Participants


At each course there can be 8 participants.


1 Instructor


Every lane has

one instructor.


2 Hours on the ice


You will be instructed in curling and playing match.


Equipment rental


You borrow stones, brooms and slides from us.

Find your way

Silkeborg Curling Club

Silkeborg Sportscenter, 

Århusvej 45, 8600 Silkeborg

Need help?

If you have not found the necessary information, try checking out our "Frequently Asked Questions" below. Otherwise, you are always welcome to contact our Curl'n'Fun coordinator and we will find a solution.



Ofte stillede spørgsmål

Kan jeg booke en bane uden for de angivne tidspunkter?

Vi har begrænset adgang til isen i hallen og kan derfor kun tilbyde det på de listede dage, som fremgår på hjemmesiden. I er velkomne til at komme på maillisten, som vi sender, når vi kender næste sæsons datoer.

Bliver der arrangementer hen over sommeren?

Desværre er der ikke is på banen om sommeren grundet økonomiske forhold, og derfor er der kun curling fra slut august til midt april.

Kan man være mere eller mindre end 8 personer på én bane?

Vi anbefaler at I er 8 personer pr. bane, da alle kommer i spil når I skal spille kamp. Hvis I er mindre end 8 kan, det godt lade sig gøre, men helst ikke under 6 personer. Hvis I er flere end 8 personer, vil I opleve at der vil være ventetid for nogle, da arrangementet er tilpasset 8 personer, og I derfor skal udskifte undervejs.

Er det muligt at bestille mad ifm. arrangementet?

Vi kan desværre ikke tilbyde mad og drikke ifm. arrangementet. Det er desuden ikke tilladt at nyde mad inde i hallen. I er velkommen til at medbringe mad og drikke selv, som kan nydes ude i forhallen.